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Весь чат с Асами
Moderator-Suse: So, the guys are here. Let’s begin!
sugagirl: Vincent, what does it feel like to be the newest band member of US5? Vincent: It is unbelievable and I can not wait, to see what the future brings!
Laura0893: Is Vince still single? Vincent: No, I am still single!
jenny222: Did Vinnie meet Mikel? Jay: No, he did not. He will definitely meet him someday.
jolooo: Vincent, are you looking forward to learn the German language? Vince: Yes, of course! I want to be able to understand what the others are talking about! I can say “Alles klar” and “Ich liebe dich”!
Lordyne: What was Asia like? Chris: Asia was a unbelievable experience for us. We were completely blow away by the amount of fans. There were many fans waiting for us at the airport from the start! We want to go there in early next year.
Crazy-Girlie22: Do you guys get along with Vince? Did you guys notice any annoying habits already? Jay: According to the fact that we do not know Vince that long yet, we get along very good. We all feel responsible for him, because he’s much younger.
Nina137: When will you release the newest single? Izzy: Probably somewhere in the end of November!
US5fan4ever: Guys, what was the signing session like? Richie: It was fun! It was absolutely exciting, because we did not see our fans for a pretty long time!
Smarty1994: Vince, do you play any instruments? Vince: Yes, I play the piano!
kinofun: Do you like Germany, Vince? Vince: Germany is unbelievably great! It is the best country I have visited this far!
Linare: Vincent: Are you afraid that you will not be able to cope with the all the stress? You are only 15! Vince: It will not be that easy in the beginning, but I will be able to deal with it with the support of the fans. I will definitely get used to it.
milchschnitte: Hey guys! I would like to know which situation was the most difficult one for you: Mikel leaving the band or not knowing how to move on? Jay: Both were very unexpected and shocking. We were very sad when Mikel left the band and we still miss him! Not knowing how to move on was just as horrible, but with all the love and support of our fans and a some luck, we found Vince and we will continue for a very long time!
Rosalii: Will there be a new album soon? Chris: We are working on a re-release of our albums, on which Vince will sing along with the old and new US5-traks. Besides, the newest single will be released in November!
Puncangel: Hey Izzy. You have a new tattoo on your arm. Does it have any special meaning? Izzy: Yes, this tattoo has a very special meaning.. which is a secret..
elena0704: Hey, Vince. Are you going to miss your parents? Vince: Yes, I will miss them a lot, they mean so much to me! But I have found a new family now!
Freaky_Ines: Where does Vincent live at the moment? Jay: He lives with his mom in Berlin.

ZickigesGirl12: To Vincent: Are nervous whenever you thing of the up-coming tour? Vince: Yes, I am nervous, but I am also looking forward to it! I am looking forward to the fans and I hope they will like me.
Richie-denis: Richie, what does it feel like to be no longer the youngest one in the band? Richie: It is cool! I feel like an adult. I also feel responsible for Vince ;-)
the_best_thing: Jay, are you still together with Lena Gerke? Jay: Yes, I am. Thank you guys so much for all the lovely letters and interest about us! I never expected a all this!
CrazyTami: Vince, did you notice that the other guys can act really crazy? Vince: I think we all have our crazy moods ;-)
angel93: Do you guys thing that you have lost some fans, now Mikel left the band? Chris: We can not say anything about this but we hope the fans understand us. We respect Mikels decision, but we also hope that the guys accept Vince!
dani279: Chris, did you get your driving-licence already? Chris: No, I still did not have enough time. I like riding my bike so I am afraid my bike will not survive it any longer some day..
June-Sun: Are you guys looking forward to the next fanclub meeting? Jay: Definitely! We enjoyed the last meeting so much. So many hardcore-US5-fans in one room. All those presents… you guys give us so much and we are looking forward to the next meeting!
exoticgirl: Vince, is it weird to be so much younger compared to the others? Vince: I think it is cool, because I still learn easily ;-) And besides, I have four great role models.
Tia: Is there a band war between Lexington Bridge and US5? Richie: No, of course not! We just did not really interest us for them, but we do respect every band.
US5-CHRIS-4EVER: Did you guys consider to move back in together? Jay and Chris: Noo!;-) It was a good thing in the beginning, just so we could get to know each other. But
Right now we enjoy our rare private time the most when we are alone..
RichieLoverin93: Vince? What kind of job whould you have had, if you did not made is as a singer in US5? Vince: Probably an actor or a tennis player
Lio: Vince, was is difficult for you, to leave your hometown? Vince: Yes, I feel homesick once I am laying in my bed an think about my family and friends. It makes me really sad when I am alone. Thank God, now I have Richie, Izzy, Chris and Jay.
alina-richies-girly: Will you guys spend Christmas with you family back home? Chris: If not, I will get a freak out ;-)
sunny22: What are your hobbies, Vince?
Nicki90: Did you guys consider continuing with the four of you? Richie: Only for one tiny second, but it became obvious that it was impossible, even just because of our name. It was no option.
nadelmitfadel: Did you guys hang out with the five of you? Jay: This is our first day together and it is a great feeling! I believe, US5 will continue for a very long time!
sunshine88: Hi Richie. Your birthday is this November. What are you wishes? Richie: I wish for an awesome concert on my birthday! I would like to celebrate my birthday with our fans and US5 on stage!
ChrisiZfreak: What does it feels like for you, to become a part of a band such as US5? Vince: I feel really honoured!
SinaNeeleKathi: Are you guys able to cook? Chris: I cook things which are not complicated at all! But yet… I’m not that great ;-)
Richiefreak: Vincent, do you know the songs? Vincent: I know almost every single song. But I have to record the most of them. I sing them every single day and I am a big fan of our music.
Moderator-Suse: Last question!
us5-izzy: When would you guys like to become a father? Jay: Oh God! I guess that it will be totally unexpected once it happens. I guess either Izzy or me, because we are the oldest! US5: So cuties, we have to move on, it was great to chat with you. Thank you, for all your love and support. We are here because of you, we will see you on tour! See you soon! We love you!!!
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